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Silverstone Classic 2017 (No replies)

2 years ago
mwillis942 2 years ago

I have attended the Silverstone Classic for a number of years and following my purchase a couple of years ago of a 1995 M reg Mini Cooper 1.3i I attended last years event with the club. Only a few of us attended this fantastic event but I am looking forward to doing so again - bnb already booked!

I note that in club events, the club representation is likely to be one day, and on the Classic car club listing MCR is there......but no one can seem to be able to provide the clubs discount code for tickets and infield parking. I met the organisers at the London International Historic Motorsports Show today and they could not provide me with the codes (even with my MCR membership card) and stated I needed to get the code from the club itself.....but no one seems to have the illusive info? Can anyone solve the mystery as advance price discounts end in March so the clock is ticking.......thanks in advance 

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