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LRX series cars history (3 replies)

2 years ago
SYD 2 years ago

LRX series cars history


2 years ago
SYD 2 years ago

G'day from Downunder

Obviously there are other things going on here that I don't understand. Alas discussed earlier we are all keen to uncover he stories behind the Works Minis. However, I don't think registration details after the cars lost their Works Registrations is relevant to anything, other than in those cases where they had a registration that had later competition relevance.

My car came to Australia with its Works Registration but it was not legal or relevant in Australia and it was registered in New South Wales. It had several later registrations, all insignificant, until registered in Western Australia as LRX.

The cars had histories which in many cases were under two or more Works registrations. That is of interest to me. After that, who cares? Guy knows the history of his car and after it left the Works it really doesn't matter. I'm sure the ex-Works registration would mean nothing to anyone. Certainly not information relevant to this site.

Let's get back on theme.

By the way, can anyone help with identifying the object on the back of LRX 830E and does anyone have engine bay or internal shots of this car. I'm keen to get a full history of all the incarnations of the LRX cars.


2 years ago
997GUO 2 years ago

If you look at the original image you can see better what it is.
The car is remarkably shiny (unusual in itself) and the upper part of the 'object' is the distorted reflection of the reversing light. The curve of the boot lid has had the effect of straightening it. This then overlaps exactly the boot hinge which also happens to be very dark as it's overshadowed by the reverse lamp.
Tis an optical illusion.

Derek Smyth
1 year ago
Derek Smyth 1 year ago

Here is a shot of LRX 830E on a night navigation rally.  Driver is Ronnie McCartney who bought the car from Abingdon.

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