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New member from Great White North (Canada) (2 replies)

12 months ago
weeber 12 months ago

Hi there,

Looking forward to sharing things and the excellent advice that is available on the forum. I'm retired now but have been familiar with Minis virtually my whole life. Raced a Mini in 70's on oval dirt tracks with a 1430, 48 Weber etc; did quite well against VWs with their Porsche motors. I've restored a few Minis in my time but this time have to step it up and do a perfectly proper restoration. Just got an original 71 Mini Cooper S which requires a "bit" of work. Actually quite a bit. Waiting for large order from MMachine and in meantime am re-furnishing suspension bits. Hopefully can get advice here when needed. Thank you, Wiebe
12 months ago
MCR BGS 12 months ago

Hi Wiebe

I live in the UK, but spend a lot of time in Canada, mainly East Coast / Toronto, but have travelled extensively.  And I have a mk3 S.

Feel free to email: dangerf55(at)




11 months ago
weeber 11 months ago

Nice to hear from you. I live 1 hour from Toronto. Will be in touch. Thanks

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