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Oily Royaly
12 months ago
Oily Royaly 12 months ago

Hello MCR members.

I am new to the MCR forum, but definitely not new to Mini's and definitely close to being a "crumbly"!

I presently own a 1971 Cooper S and a 1981 Minivan. The van is used fairly frequently, but the Cooper S was last used in "anger" in 1988 when I drove it to Preston Park in Brighton for the LSMOC "London to Brighton run.

I owned my first Mini 850, which was surf blue, in 1965, and am proud to say that I have owned a Mini ever since, sometimes a dozen at a time.

I was proprietor of a Mini based business from 1971 up until 1996, when I had to retire to become a carer for my Wife.

There was a time when I could comment accurately about any Mini part or repair, but now I must profess I have forgotten more than I can remember!

I would very much like to correspond with "Foxy52" on this forum, if still active, as I met him around 1981 and I may have some information to share about a certain car.

If you know Foxy52 on this forum or elsewhere, please let him know, thankyou.

Thats all from me for today, any questions?


Oily Royaly.

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