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Wheel nuts under hubcaps (3 replies)

1 year ago
rsk289 1 year ago

I have a set of new JBW CRS wheels, the ones that look like steel 'S' wheels but are in fact alloy copies.  They seem very well made and needed virtually no balance weights, and were supplied with chromed 'tall' wheel nuts and stainless steel hubcaps.  On the car they look great, but the wheel nuts just catch on the hubcaps and leave a very small dent in the surface as a result.

I'm not sure standard bzp Mini radiused 3/8" UNF wheelnuts as supplied by Minispares will work safely with these wheels, as they are presumably designed for steels.  The chrome nuts supplied by JBW have a larger radiused base to locate the 'chamfer' in the cast wheel.

Has anyone else had this problem?  JBW don't understand it as this is apparently how they supply Minispares etc. and have had no complaints.  I've checked clearance with a blob of plasticene and there is none - the edge of the nut pushes clean through the plasticene to touch the hubcap.  Is it OK to use the stock wheelnuts with alloy wheels that have the same mounting radius to the chamfer?  Don't really want a row of tiny dings in the hub cap over the years...


Hope this works as the forum seems to have been virtually dead for the last year or so.

12 months ago
rsk289 12 months ago

I think my fears for the forum may be true... it's not felt quite the same since it went to the 'big print' version!

Anyhow, I've turned down the nuts on the lathe so they clear the hubcaps.  It's all a bit odd as JBW tell me they've sold loads of sets and supply Minispares but nobody else has noticed.  There must be a lot of cars out there with a neat row of dings at a set radius in the hubcaps!


12 months ago
floormanager 12 months ago

Well done Roger, pleased you've sorted out the issue.  Yes, shame the forum is slow now,

All the best,


4 months ago
rsk289 4 months ago

I'd have to say the wheels are excellent.  Only one needed a very small balance weight, and the finish and look of them is superb.  Best of all is that with the hubcaps fitted, they look very close to the standard wheels - you have to look closely to tell they're alloys. I was never totally happy with the Minilite look, as my car looks outwardly very stock, with a full-length Webasto, so these really suit it, I think.

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