Dates for your Diary 2020.

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Dates for your Diary 2020.

by Peter Machin

Dates for your Diary from National Motor Museum re Mini and Metro Show and Abingdon works day.

There will be more events/dates to be forwarded to you.

Hello David,

Great to hear from you and yes you are more than welcome to have a stand at the Metro and Mini show again. For this year’s show the free entry club stand available to you is for 6 vehicles which will allow 12 people ( 2 per car ) free. After that any of your members who wish to attend would have to enter via the vehicle entry form which is £8 admission  but allows 1 car and 2 people in so effectively £4 per person. This is all for entry in advance and on the day prices are £14.50 per person so well worth entering in advance if you fancy coming along to the show for the day. I have attached both forms and you and as a club you are at liberty to give the  free club passes to whoever you wish to in the club provided they attend in an appropriate display vehicle.


Paul is pushing the Abingdon Day and when he first contacted me last year I did not think there was much to go on. However since then we have spoken and he has convinced me that there is potential large interest there so I have agreed to give it a go and see how the day pans out. You don’t know until you try do you? Any help that you can give in pushing this day would be gratefully received.


Bye for now,

Regards, TOM

Tom Caren

Show Manager

National Motor Museum

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