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Editorial - March 2024 issue In last month’s editorial I touched on Paddy Hopkirk’s and Henry Liddon’s Monte Carlo Rally win 60 years ago in 33 EJB, and that we would be commemorating this significant anniversary at our National Mini Day at Beaulieu in June. However, the British Motor Museum, who are custodians of the car, have since already marked this significant anniversary by having 33 EJB displayed at London Waterloo Railway Station for 24 hours, and to the exact day Paddy and Henry won the rally on 21st January 1964. Having only recently adopted the car as I mentioned in last month’s issue, I thought it was a great opportunity to go and see the car in the metal at the station, and so I have also written a short article on this unique event. Sticking with 33 EJB just for a bit longer, and Mike Evans has, in his archive column, gone back in time and covered some of what actually happened prior to the rally and indeed during it. He has included some interesting anecdotes too and one or two which may not have been known about previously. And just to make his article a little bit different from the format Mike normally follows, he has written his piece as if he were a reporter covering the rally for a motor sport publication. An interesting and novel way of covering this historic event. Then Geoff Bethel has written an article on the MCR Bournemouth Weekend which traditionally takes place at the end of January when the Christmas and New Year celebrations are all but a faded memory by then. This is still the only ‘official’ social event held by the club and so is open to all members. The event started quite some years ago at the Hinton Firs Hotel but sadly, the hotel closed down a few years ago. However, the new hotel venue, the Ocean Beach Hotel, has since been a welcome alternative, having more facilities and the added benefit of sea views! Do have a read of Geoff’s article and get an insight into what’s in store for you should you be thinking of joining in with the fun with like minded members next year. Moving on, and Stephen Dalton has written an interesting Old Cooper Stuff piece on the history surrounding the development of the Cooper Formula Junior race car, spearheaded of course by John Cooper way back in 1959. Stephen’s article is quite an in depth look at this type of relatively early but ground breaking racing car, helped in part by Stephen’s friend, Tony Johns, who came up with a letter from the time which sheds some light on the details of these race cars. Finally, I must finish by mentioning the planned Mini get together in Andorra that you might have picked up on in previous issues. It is open to members from the UK to join in too and it really does sound like an interesting event to attend if you can. If you might be interested in going along, then do contact the organiser, Chris Geatrell, and his contact details can be found in the MCR Regional Meetings page and under the France Region. Paul Paul Sulma  - Editor CooperWorld        

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