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Mini Cooper Register – Members in Devon & Cornwall

by David Harbottle

“Calling all Members within the Devon & Cornwall Region”

As you will no doubt have read in your May copy of CooperWorld,your previous representative/contact for this Region, Steve Bonny, has elected to stand down from this role and we thank him for his time, effort and support for this Region. The role has now been picked up, jointly, by two members with our contact details being:

Rick Heyse -”” – Rick’s main interest lies with the modern MINI variants

David Harbottle – ”” – David’s interest is mainly with the classic Mini family.

So with the pandemic and associated lockdown/social isolation measures likely to continue for the foreseeable future, we are looking to take this time to consult with members and invite them to let us have their views on establising and developing this Region.

The physical distances across our region make it somewhat of a challenge to organise regular meets at a single venue – notwithstanding the pandemic limitations- so if the Region is to continue as the two counties then meeting venues will either probably need to be moved around or, as an alternative, look at splitting the two counties into sub-regions with say joint meets planned on a quartely/half yearly basis at a location on the border. What is important at this stage is to get YOUR ideas on this and the range of events that you would like to see and, most importantly, that you will support – we can’t get this ‘up and running’ without you!!

Rick has previously outlined, in the May/June issues of CooperWorld, a range of potential events but again it is your interests/ideas, and /or support to those put forward so far, that we are asking for now whether they be social, sport, technical or anything else – so we look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible, please !

Best wishes to you all during this challenging period.

Rick and David





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