National Mini Day at Beaulieu Cancelled

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National Mini Day at Beaulieu Cancelled

by Lorraine Hampson


Chairman Robert Young has announced today that, in the light of continuing measures to combat Covid-19, the club’s flagship event, expected to attract 3,000 people, has been cancelled.

Plans will now be made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mini Cooper in 2021.

“I know that the decision will come as a huge disappointment, but probably as no surprise” said Robert.

“It was with heavy hearts that organiser Tony Salter and I have reluctantly decided that we have to abandon our rescheduled National Mini Day at Beaulieu. When we first revised the date to 16 August in early March as the lockdown restrictions came into place, we were both positive that we would be clear of Covid-19 and things would have returned to normal.”

“Sadly, that proved not to be the case and, with social distancing at 2 metres still in place, clearly to run the event would be impractical. Even if social distancing was reduced to 1m, we do not see how the event could run.”

“We do appreciate that our National Mini Day is still just over two months away, but felt it correct to abandon now rather than delay in the faint hope things will radically change in that time. We owe it to our members and supporters to give them as much notice as possible.”

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