Hampshire region update

Hello everyone

As we are already well into May, and almost into June another email seems appropriate.

Thank you to those who replied to my last email. It is good to hear from you and about your activities during the lockdown.

I see a few people were out and about on drive it day, including Denis, Richard and Roz. I was out for the first proper drive in my Elf to get some fuel and a few miles under the belt. The Elf finally completed the running period and had the suspension set up. All ready for Prescott hillclimb. Prescott was a wet, but enjoyable event. Sadly spectators were not allowed. The entry was all mini and quite large. This combined with a number of non competitive fun runners made for a busy day. Paul Holloway and I were the only competitors from the region, although Mark Feetham was there as a non competitive fun runner. I didn’t see anyone else, but if I missed you; sorry.

Beaulieu is progressing well. Over 2000 tickets have been sold and I have already received 18 entrants for the concours. Club stands number 18, some with large numbers of attendees. So on that subject if you fancy parking on a Hampshire region stand, please let me know. We need to have at least 5 cars to make it worth while, but we will have a nice spot I’m sure!

Helpers are still needed as well, so if you fancy helping out, please drop me a line. I have tickets here for those of you who have already offered your services. If you haven’t picked up your ticket please make contact so I can hand one over. As the first real mini show it looks like it could be busy, I certainly hope so. Fortunately Beaulieu is a large venue and outdoors and with plenty of room so all should be ok.

The cold weather has not been good for alfresco dining, but things should improve in the next week or so, although only for groups of up to 6 indoors. Sally has looked at the Horse and Jockey at Curbridge for a one off meeting in their outdoor marquee, they are pretty well booked for a while. Having said that Sally is meeting a few friends there in a week or two, so will be reporting back.

Please let me know what you have been upto in the last few months. I may even put some copy into the magazine!

Hope to see you all soon.

Tony and Sally.