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We hope that, even if you haven’t been able to attend meetings or events, you have followed what’s been happening in the region through David Hucker’s reports in CooperWorld. For February, David has also written an article on Chris Reader’s Mini Mk1 which he brought to the November meeting.

Our last newsletter came out in January 2020, so we thought it was time for another one. Then, we were looking forward to a summer of events, but little did we know what was in store as the threat of Covid-19 grew larger and we were to be hit by a national lockdown that scuppered many of our plans.

Slowly, outdoor events returned this summer, although not all regular features in the calendar are back on track as the cancellation of Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park in February shows. The new Covid-19 variant that is now taking hold may well impact on us again but, for now, we are planning a number of activities for the coming summer which we hope you will want to join in.


Details have yet to be released of this event provisionally set for Saturday 7th May, but we will update you in the next newsletter.


We have put in a bid for space for a regional display which we anticipate will be on a smaller scale than the Mini60 celebrations, but enough for eight vehicles, which will allow 16 people (2 per car) free entry.

(Photo by David Hucker)

David Hucker hopes to receive the club entry forms next month and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in coming on the stand, together with details of their vehicle so that we can work out how best to represent the club. With only eight spaces, we are not likely to be able to fit everyone in, but those who miss out can pre-book tickets at a reduced price.

Contact David at davidrhucker@gmail.com


The Abingdon Works Motorsport Celebration (AWMC), which sprung from an idea from CooperWorld editor Paul Sulma, will be entering its third year in 2022. AWMC is a celebration of the success of BMC and British Leyland rally and sports cars across three decades and, to date, has been run in conjunction with the Historic Marathon Rally Group.

However, all that will now change as the Historic Marathon Rally Group has decided to focus on its spring event,  50+2 Anniversary – 1970 London-Mexico World Cup Rally, and does not have any plans beyond that. So, we are proposing to stage the display under the MCR banner with ex-works Minis and other cars from Abingdon.

(Photo by Cliff Porter)

The Museum is already home to three Monte Carlo Rally Mini Coopers, including 33 ELB in which Paddy Hopkirk MBE and Henry Liddon triumphed in 1964 and we think that there will be keen interest in an outside display.

You can’t have too many of those red ex-works Minis!

Again, David Hucker would take the lead on behalf of the region from whom we would initially source the cars before going to the wider membership and other clubs. David has contacted the Museum to set this up and, as before, would like to hear from any regional members with an ex-works car who would like to be involved.

Please note that no show dates have yet been released on the Museum website and those indicated are based on this year.

We wish everyone a happy New Year and look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Tuesday 25th January at our winter quarters at the Boars Head, Hampton Lucy.


Peter Machin                                                             Nick Wilkins

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