Suffolk region members

Hi everyone, not sure this is going to reach you all, I am Steve Burch MCR Suffolk region contact based at Leiston on the Suffolk coast. The reason for the email is that on going to the MCR website and being a region representative I can see all the region members according to the MCR records. There are at least 40 members registered to Suffolk from Lowestoft to Colchester to Cambridge, quite an area!! Now we have a nucleus of 6 members in the Ipswich area and we try and go for a run once a month on a Sunday, we also attend quite a few car shows through the Summer. My question to you all is if you have cars on the road would you like to join us at one of these runs/shows or perhaps we could all meet up somewhere in central Suffolk one Sunday. I expect some of you belong to other Mini clubs and do your own thing but I was just sending out this email to get some feedback. So down to you to reply if you would with or without any interest.

Thanks in advance

Steve Burch  07889 799415