Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is the collection of posts and comments that formed the old forum, this search will extract any posts that match the selection criteria
Search criteria
The search criteria may be a simple search such as a single word, any post that includes this word will be retrieved.
More complex search criteria may be defined:
2 or more words separate by a space are treated as AND os a b c is a AND b AND c and only post that contain all three words will be retrieved.
If 2 or more words are surrounded by quotes, they are treated as a single item, so "a b" c will search for a b AND c, unlike the example above, a post will only be retieved if a and b are separated by a space and c exists somewhere in the text.
Instead of the default AND, OR may be used; a b OR c will find posts that include both a and b or just c
The search criteria is evaluated from left to right so in the above example a search is first made for poststhat include both a and b, if this test fails, posts that contain c will be retrieved.
To alter the order of precedence, brackets may be used; without brackets a OR b AND c would look for a and c or b and c. However a OR (b AND c) would look for text a or both b and c