Mk 1 Cooper Register


The Mini Cooper first arrived in July 1961, with the 997cc engine and badged as either Austin or Morris Cooper. Both were identical except for their unique radiator grilles and badging, which included the horn push. Chassis prefixes were also different, the Austin C-A2S7 and Morris K-A2S4. All Coopers except the first few had duo tone paintwork, a black roof for ‘tartan red’ and ‘old English white’ bodies, all other colours had an ‘old English white’ coloured roof. Trim depended on body colour, almond green, smoke grey and tweed grey did not have brocade trim, just two tone coloured vinyl, the other colours had brocade seat inserts with either tartan red, cumulus grey or powder blue as the seat colour. Early powder blue seats may have silver rather than the more common gold brocade. Black vinyl was glued to the top and bottom dash rails and also up the screen pillars. All Coopers had a boot board usually trimmed according to interior trim specification. External brightwork included bumper overiders with corner bars and chrome trim around the door frames sill seam strips were of the deluxe type.

All Coopers had the standard mini 3.5j wheels and hub caps fitted but with 7″ brake discs which were improved during 997 production with better calipers A small spacer was introduced to the rear drums in early 1967 to stop the now standard radial ply tyres fouling the suspension.


The early cars had a black painted gearstick with domed gaiter, the speedo reads up to 100mph or 160kph, both items were replaced in 1964, the gearstick was now chrome with an anti-rattle rubber bush at its base, consequently the gaiter was modified to fit. The introduction of the voltage stabiliser sees the speedo reading 105mph or 170kph.

The 998cc Cooper engine was introduced in November 1963, and then replaced the 997cc engine, although only 1 cc larger it gave the car a much smoother drive, a black air filter box for the twin carburetors was introduced a few months earlier, replacing the two pancake style gauze filters.

Mk1 Cooper production ended in September 1967 due to the launch of the MK2 variant.

This register currently hold details of many Mk1 Coopers including CKD kits built overseas, any information is appreciated as this builds a picture of what cars have survived and valuable production details.

Registrar: Barbara Alexander

To find out more please contact our MCR Registrar Help Desk, They will then deal with your enquiry either by responding directly or forwarding your enquiry to the appropriate registrar. Alternatively, details can always be found in the monthly club magazine, CooperWorld.