Mk2 Cooper Register

The MKII Cooper does not have the appeal of its big brother the 1275 ‘S’ but is still very much a drivers car. The smooth 1000cc engine revs freely and pulls willingly right through the rev range. The engine is generally reliable which makes it suitable for everyday use should the need arise. Handling is sure footed but in hydrolastic form it takes some getting used too, that is why many cars have been converted to dry suspension. This should not detract prospective buyers if the rest of the vehicle is genuine but in terms of originality Hydro is best. Prospective purchasers still have a reasonable chance of acquiring a good example as some 6,000 cars were produced for the home market in the production period September 1967 to November 1969 with 10,000 going for export. During the period the cars experience many changes which can be determined by commission or engine number. Notable changes were to the interior (all black), gearbox (4 synchro) and engine. Five of the six two tone body colours were available with White roofs but Tartan Red had Black. Monotone colours, notably Black were available to special order and some very late production cars were available in MKIII colours. As mentioned already, good examples are still available and changing hands at reasonable prices.

Registrar: Graham E Robinson

To find out more please contact our MCR Registrar Help Desk, They will then deal with your enquiry either by responding directly or forwarding your enquiry to the appropriate registrar. Alternatively, details can always be found in the monthly club magazine, CooperWorld.