Non Cooper Register

The Non-Cooper register is open to cars that do not fit the bill in the other registers. This includes models such as vans, pickups, the various Limited Edition models, and many others! Many of these cars are rare and appreciating in value, and special in their own right. This register is ideal for those members not in a position to own an early Cooper or S and those who have another Mini as well as their Cooper or S. It also gives opportunity for those members without Coopers and S to feel more included in this open minded and very knowledgeable club. So please, take the time to register your Non-Coopers, and get your cars on record, and get

Registrar: Malcolm Voss

To find out more please contact our MCR Registrar Help Desk, They will then deal with your enquiry either by responding directly or forwarding your enquiry to the appropriate registrar. Alternatively, details can always be found in the monthly club magazine, CooperWorld.’