October Off Peak Run hits another high

Despite the weather, the 2019 event across the Brecon Beacons organised by club youth co-ordinator Jack Ward and his wife Danielle was another success.

With plenty of rain to contend with as participants drove to the start point at Merthyr Tydfil on Friday afternoon, the roads were just that bit more challenging than usual, but the sun did shine before the event closed on Sunday.

The route took the drivers past one of the few AA boxes still in existence, number 161 at Nantyffin, Junction A470/A40, Crickhowell in Powys.

Thanks to Stephen Chandler and Justin Ridyard for the photographs.

AA-Box-161-0.jpg Image-1-1.jpg Image-2-2.jpg Image-3-3.jpg Image-4-4.jpg

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