Regional Representative

This page provides you with access to a number of tools to help with your role as Area Rep.


Send an email to all the members on your mailing list. When you select this and complete the form, a separate email will be sent to each person on your list.
Display a list of all the people on your mailing list, any member of the club can choose to be on your mailing list. Typically members in a neighboring area may wish to know what is happening in your area.
Each member of the club is assigned to a region, usually based on the nearest region to their postcode but this can vary, particularly if there features such as estuaries that affect the choice. This lists all the members in your region. You can use this list to send an email to an individual member.
Your region page on the website serves two purposes, it lets potential members know what a great region you have within a great motor club. It also keeps the members in your region up-to-date. You can change any of the content on your page as often as you wish. Help
The Club calendar has sections for events relevant to all members in the club as well as those specifically for your region. You can add events for your region and mark them so that they appear in the main Club section.