Web Site Outage

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Web Site Outage

by Mike Bennett

Dear Member

We have had a significant outage with the club website and email system, regrettably, it caused considerable inconvenience, not only to our members but also to the members of the committee that use the facilities to run the club, specifically to Paul our editor who heavily depends on the emails for the production of CooperWorld.

Without going into too many technical details, the problem started when the server crashed intermittently, just like the problem with an elusive misfire, there could have been a number of causes for these problems and numerous steps were taken to isolate the issue and fix it. Then the server crashed and could not be restarted. The engineers replaced numerous components but, in the end, it was irreparable and a new server was built and installed. The email system restarted and worked well but the website could not be re-instated due to the way in which the new server had been built. The engineers attempted to resolve this but brought down the email service in the process. After a while, it became apparent that this situation was not going to get any better and a new company was found to host a server and they built a new one that had the advantage of being a later model and using newer technology. The new contract also provides for them to manage the hardware and operating system and automatically switch to new hardware should the same problem occur in the future.

With the new server available, the club’s website and email system have been restored and are now operational.

This has been an intense and at times very frustrating episode and I am sorry that it has caused so much inconvenience, but on the positive side, we now have a better platform for our internet technology.


Mike Bennett


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