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Message sent by Steven Burch
Hello everyone, my name is Steven Burch,this email comes out to all MCR members who are registered in the Suffolk region and I have recently taken over as Suffolk region representative. The main purpose of this email is to ask a few questions about yourselves and also if you would be interested in any events we could plan in the future -2021 and beyond,!!

Do any of you also belong to local mini clubs in your area – I also belong to ISMOC (Ipswich area)

You will see from the MCR monthly reports that a small number of members from Leiston/Woodbridge/Clacton/Ipswich area try and have a Sunday run out once a month,would you be interested in joining us, we often meet somwhere near Ipswich to try and be central.

Due to Covid we are not meeting on 1st Tuesdays each month at the moment.Venue could be changed in the future if more people would like to attend.

Thats it for now, I look forward to your replies, regards Steve Burch