Hampshire region update

Message sent by Tony Salter
Hello everyone


It seems that my last missive via email reached everyone so I thought it time for more.

I was pleased to hear from a number of people with updates on their situation:

Phil Thompson has finished his new project and very good it looks too.  All you need now Phil is somewhere to use it!

Peter Gibson has written in: He has been shielding and unable to do much in public, although he was able to attend a village show.  He has spent much of his time compiling a detailed restoration history of his Cooper.


Owen and Jill dropped a line to say that the last of the garages, yes that is garages, now has electrics and a bench for Owen to play with….

Their green mini is now almost ready for the road and the red one will soon follow.

Peter and Janet Shoolingin-Jordan have been isolating, but Peter appears to have been a little bit occupied by trying to coax his 1071 into life.  Unfortunately a carb strip down is probably the answer, but at least it will keep him occupied.

We would also like to extend a welcome to Jack Dolley, a new member.  Jack has relocated from New Zealand and whilst waiting for his Cooper S replica to arrive has purchased a Mini Neon to feed his habit.

Meanwhile Denis Baker has been kept busy with various non minis needing attention whilst helping Chris Jacob in putting his Teal blue MK3 together.

Pick up Pete has been in for a new battery and is having a little work done on his pick up.

My own Elf is nearly complete, just waiting for an engine and box.

Welcome also to all our new members, we hope to see you soon.


Sally and Tony.

PS.  I had hoped to send some pictures but can’t quite see how to….